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  • Community Events

    Private Event

    Auburn Tabletop Gaming

    This is a private event for a legacy style game and is currently full. There are a few other people looking to set up their own campaigns for anyone else that is interested.

    The Practice of Self Hypnosis - The 7-Path way

    Real Hypnosis for Real Change

    Learn how to create the change you desire. Rapid, personal change. Overcome fear, phobias, stop unwanted behaviors, create emotional healing and live life on your terms. Hypnosis can help with stress, anxiety, relationships, weight loss, and so...

    Lion King 3D Movie Premiere

    Puget Sound Adventures

    come and see the 3D premiere of Lion King we can go to dinner afterwards if everyone wants. Make new friends with like the same types of movies. Buy your tickets online at Regal Cinemas, or go to the theater that way we can all hopefully sit...

  • Welcome to my new web site

    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.